December 12

Our Champion Readers

We have just received our medals for the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Rocco has completed the Challenge for three years and has a Silver Medal. Way to go mate.

The main part of our class has been completing the Challenge for Four years, they all received a Gold Medal. How proud are they!

These two Book Worms have finished the Challenge for Five Years and received a Championship Medal. Bravo Cleo and Emily.

I have just sent off 21 certificates for our Principal to sign for reading achievements in Accelerated Reading too. Hs hand will be sore!

I am proud of your efforts everyone. Keep up this love of literature.


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Posted December 12, 2017 by elleneisenkolb15 in category Literacy

4 thoughts on “Our Champion Readers

  1. Cleo

    Dear Ellen,
    I hope you got something very special for Christmas yesterday. I think I was very lucky because I got Ed Sheehan tickets to his concert also an Apple IPad!!!
    Love From Cleo

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hello Cleo,
      Are enjoying the holidays? Is Ed Sheeran a singer given that there is a concert. Perhaps I have heard his music at Boot camp as I don’t think I know this one. Yes I did get a Beautiful necklace that sparkles. We had a delightful family gathering. I have been so busy that I have only just now looked at my notes. naughty me.
      Well I suppose there’ll be no stopping you next year at school now your own IPad whoo hoo.
      Have fun.
      love Ellen

  2. Cleo

    Dear Ellen,

    I will really miss you!! As I already do!! I was very excited when I received my Championship Medal because hardly no one else got it which means I am getting really old!!

    Love From Cleo

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Oh Cleo ,
      when you’re 150 like me then you are old! 🤣😂😃Congratulations on that medal you deserve it.
      Cheers Ellen


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