September 13

Who were these strange people in our class while I was away?

Hey, did you all have to come to school at night?

You were not working that slow were you!

You are all in you’re pyjamas. Did you all sleep in extra long?

What’s the story?


Of course, it was the onesy fund raiser, silly me, I forgot. I think you all look like you need a hot cup of cocoa. Don’t you look cute. Looks like our class donated well, thanks team.

Wait a minute you were back out of dress code again. I think this is becoming a habit, was it dress up term?

Book Week 2016



Which characters can you recognise?

How wonderful you all look in your Book Week Parade Costumes. I thought you all did well designing your characters. I was sorry to miss it, so I am glad Ms Belle¬†took these pictures. Almost didn’t recognise some of you.

What fun you must have had.

What did you get up to?

How did you feel as your new character?

What do you like about dressing up?

Which character did you choose and why?

Who will you plan to come as next year?

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10 thoughts on “Who were these strange people in our class while I was away?

  1. JORJA

    Hello Baylee,
    Loved your custom,what was your best part about that day?My best part was the pard I loved that part.

    thank you Jorja

  2. Pria

    Privet Ellen,
    I dressed up as Headwig, from Harry Potter, did you recognise me? Maggie dressed up as Pippy Longstockings, did you recognise her, too? Of course the teachers get to dress up too, so Ms Belle’s favourite character she dressed up in is Little nut brown hare, from Guess How Much I Love You but she couldn’t be in the photo because she was taking the photo!

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Bonjour Pria,
      I did wonder who you were, but now I see you with all the other characters from Harry Potter it makes sense Hedwig!. So I did ask the right question Whoooo are you? ( get it?)Perhaps Ms Belle needed to give you the camera so I got to see her outfit. I recognised Maggie but I am not familiar with the story. Pipi Longstockings, although I have heard of it before. I have no idea what I would have come as. I did come as Mrs McGonigal once a long tome ago. The class chose to have Hogwarts house teams as their table names. That was when we read Harry Potter. Oh what fun days they were. But now we are about to finish The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe. Do you think the battle will go their way? Scary stuff eh?
      Regards Ellen

  3. Kiara

    Hi Ella
    I really like your costume on book week Ella.And your pjs on pjs day you really looked like little red riding hood. I wish can have an other costume day but that is next year. do you like my costume as well.
    from Kiara

  4. jack

    Hi Ellen
    I think you are crazy for saying in your post “why are you in my class room in the night” why did you say that? I wont answers Ellen.Why did you start teaching in the first place? will we be doing more PAT tests because it is fun!
    Hope you answer Jack

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Jack,
      I must be slightly crazy for being a teacher in the first place don’t you think? Imagine willingly having to work with all you noisy folk each day, just kidding, it is fun. I started teaching because I had always wanted to be a teacher from the first day I started school. I still remember that day, it was such fun and my teacher so nice, that I declared when I went home that I knew what I was going to be when I grew up. Well I am still waiting to grow up but I think I know what to do as a teacher but i’m still learning. No more PAT testing only two each year.
      So you can rest.

      Cheers Ellen

  5. finlay

    Dear Ryan and Mica and Pria,
    I can’t believe we all came as Harry Potters/Headwig.I was going to be Dumbledore or Tom Riddle(Lord Voldemort)but I came as Harry Potter instead.

    From Finlay.

  6. max

    Konichi wa Tyron,
    Your costume was really good and also why did you be own from jurassic world?. And when you were first walking around were you nerves?. And did you make it you self and why?. What was you favourite thing to do that day?. Tyron at book week did you go crazy with the gun with Riley at recess and lunch because if you did I musted mist out because if I did I was at the library.

  7. james

    Konnichiwa Max ,
    Nice onesie Max I was wearing the same onesie .Next time you could wear that again because I might wear that again too . What was your favourite PJ’s in the festival ?Are you going to were the dinosaur onesie again?
    Love James

    1. max

      Bonjour James,
      Thank you James. yer I might if there is anther time at school if there is and it is like wee are twins. Mine was the charzaid onesie. What was yours?. And there were only for people that were wearing the same.

      Love Max!.


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