June 12

Camp Illawonga 2017

We were busy packing on the weekend. There was a lot to bring to school!

Mickey courtesy of Tumblr

Week six had finally arrived. The day we had been waiting for since we started in grade three.

We were going …. Camping!


Most of Mrs Woolford’s year 3/4 class would be joining our excited campers. We left our families for three days and two nights. Would they survive without us? They would just have to be brave. But it was okay if some parents needed extra hugs good-bye.

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We had a long two hour journey to get to Camp Illawonga in Swan Reach, which would be our new home for the next few days. Thankfully the coach had comfortable seats and seatbelts.

Map from Illawonga home page

The road trip was fabulous, but travelling made us hungry, so we stopped to stretch our legs, have a bite to eat and of course have a little playtime. Angaston was the perfect place.

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Another short ride, well sort of …… and we were soon settled into our dormitories at camp. Our class was on lunch duty so it was straight to work. Yum … Tacos.

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Mark, the Camp Leader, gave us a lot of information and instructions about being safe for our stay and expectations around the camp site. Soon it was back on another bus for a short ride. We were crossing the Murray River on the punt to visit The Murray Aquaculture Centre. This was an interesting place where we learnt about almond farming and yabbies.

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That was fun because we also had a challenge  to see which team would catch the most yabbies. Yabby catching sounded simple enough, but there were some tricks to learn…… patience.

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The girls were Yabby catching heroes, how did they do it!

The sun was going down, and it was getting cooler, but there was still so much to do… more duty groups for tea.

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After our delicious meal, we went into the gym for some outrageously exciting fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the still camera!… But trust us, we worked up an appetite for a yummy supper with twisting and jumping, turning and rolling, hanging and falling…… before it was time to hit the sack. We had a huge day planned so we needed our beauty sleep.

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Some of us slept soundly. Poor little Scarlett.

Up and at em, the next morning was quite eerie. A mysterious fog crept in, it threatened to hide the sun… but we found it.

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Lucky the Sun burnt off the fog by the time we were ready for our river cruise. We needed our floatation devices before we could walk down to the boat.

While we went on the cruise, the other groups went on a caving expedition and a Safari ride. We would all rotate activities throughout the camp. Once again, I left the still camera behind for the cruise… but I remembered it for the ride to the caves.

Those hard hats were fabulous protection, without them I think we would all be a little shorter!

After that adventure we had a short bushwalking to a HUGE river red gum. That tree was so big we just fit around it! We had enormous fun building Tepees with all the twigs and sticks lying around.

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Each time we visited the river, it meant a short but steep 400m walk down a gravel path… naturally we had to walk back up too. That was tiring, luckily Ellen makes us do fitness each week so it was a piece of cake.

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We needed to get back to camp quickly, as we had to get ready for an exciting adventure at Sunny Dale sheep farm.

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What a whip cracking great time we had. We really earned our tea that night. In fact some us sang after supper! Karaoke was so much fun, we have stars in the making. Stay tuned for the videos.

It was a perfect night for a camp fire.. but oh,we forgot to sing a Letter from Camp! Still the planets were smiling for us in the night sky. Then of course the marshmallows needed toasting… yum.

Time for bed, it was a big day indeed and it isn’t over, there’s more to come. To bed!

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Getting up wasn’t that easy, lots to pack and clean up before breakfast and be ready for our last activities. I missed the Safari ride, but I did managed to check out archery. We had some bullseyes. Bravo.

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All too soon we needed to pack the bus and say our goodbyes to Mark and the team. Camp was the best. Three cheers for Illawonga.

We reckon it was sad to leave, but we were glad to get back home to our loving families too. Thanks to our brave Dad, Shane Brow who gave up his time to help with the boys and group C.

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Dear Families,

Apart from a few sore tummies, there were no problems just loads of fun and learning. Thank you so much for allowing me to borrow your precious ones for those few days, we have some wonderful memories. Stay tuned for some great videos the kids will be working on. I might have a go too.

Warm regards, Ellen

April 23

Farewell Mr Potter

Sadly we have had to say goodbye to our beloved sports teacher Mr Trevor Potter. He has decided the time was right to retire.

Many years ago, not long after I began working at Grange, Trevor and I decided to team up together with our respective classes and created what we affectionately called The Eisenpot Unit. We had a great time establishing lots of collaborative practices, many routines and practices which I maintain today, had their beginnings in the Unit.

Now anyone who knows Trevor, knows he likes to talk, that was indeed the case way back then, so to curb his monologues, I would at times perk my own voice up and over do the patronising singsong, happy voice. This irritated him, but achieved our objective in stopping him, so we could get on with things. So when we were asked to send a video message to Trevor, I knew exactly what memorable thing we could do.

Check out our message.. There were no rehearsals, I just asked the kids to answer me based on my questions, and to respond in exactly the same way as I said them.

We had fun.

Trevor’s farewell message from Ellen Eisenkolb on Vimeo.

What would you like to say to Mr Potter?

How do you feel about Mr Potter leaving?

What will you miss most?



November 22

Medals, medals everywhere.

We read, read, read. and finished our title

 Mr Weatherill must be happy with Room 14 at Grange

We proved to the Premier that we are indeed Super Readers, because we successfully completed our Premier’s Reading Challenge. The year three and four classes got together today to acknowledge all our hard efforts and present the awards for completing this challenge.

First time participants received a certificate. We didn’t have any first timers. However after completing the challenge two years in a row a bronze medal is awarded.


Riley was our Bronze Medalist, doesn’t he look proud.


Finlay completed three years of the challenge and has earned his Silver Medal. Yay Finn.


However most of the class has received their Gold Medals for Four years of commitment.

Well done to – Ty, Hamish, Jack, Kiara, Tyla, Wil, Zahra, Ryan, Maggie, Jessica, Jorja, James Harry, Max, Nelson, Baylee, Lakeisha, Shayla,  Bella.V., Bella.Z., also to Ella, Mica and Pria who were absent .


We had a special Champion Reader in Ruby who has completed the Challenge five times. Way to go girl.

But that’s not all….

Our class doesn’t just take reading seriously, we also take our fitness seriously too. So when were told we could do the Premier’s

 Be fit Challenge we gave it a go.



Ty, Jessica, Jorja, Wil, Tyla, Jack, Ella, Max,Riley, Bella.V., Maggie, and Ruby all received their Bronze Medals for their first go. Whoo hoo.


Lakeisha, Zahra, Finlay, Baylee, James, and Hamish were awarded Silver Medals.  Mica and Pria will get theirs on return from their holiday. Superb effort.


Our two classroom Chipmunks (they always giggle like the Chipmunks from Bugs Bunny) became our Gold Medalists. Now that’s something to smile about .


Fabulous effort everyone. Keep up that positive attitude for next year. I am very proud of you all.

How do you feel about your efforts?

What kept you going when it was a tricky thing to do?

What would you like to say to the ones who didn’t manage to complete their challenge?

November 6

F-7 Games Day At Grange Primary 2016


We were quite excited as Games Day had finally arrived, lots of us rushed to school in our house colours.


We got ourselves organised quickly into our teams for the big day. (Sorry Green team I was a little squashed up there, I couldn’t fit you in)

Green, Yellow, Blue and Red

As we would be split into our house colours for most of the day, each group was responsible for the drink boxes and to look out for each other. We expected lots of people to visit and with over 700 students that’s a lot of people on the oval to get lost in.

We were super organised and were the first class out ready to start.


We had a great Health Hustle as a warm up before the Championship races to a tune that I had never heard before, but everyone else seemed to. I really must listen to the radio sometime!

Our weekly fitness sessions have paid off we had 13 of our classmates in the championship sprint event and 7 of our classmates in the year 3 championship baton relay. Whoo hoo.

It took a while to run all those races, but it wasn’t long before it was time for recess and then the real fun started. The Tabloid Events.

We were so organised again and ready for our first event while most people were still coming back from recess. In each event we combined with Ms. Carmen’s year 3/4 class.

Team Games

We played Rob the Nest

Aim – to be the team with the most eggs. Once the nest was empty we could steal from other teams. Running for five minutes was exhausting.

Egg and Spoon

We had time at this station to do two games so we tried egg and spoon. The aim to be first team back.

Team Relays

Tunnel Ball

Aim – to get the ball through the tunnel, race around the spoke and be the first team to finish.

Our second station needed lots of collaboration and big team work. As we had some uneven teams some people needed to go twice.

The teams did an excellent job.

Water Relay

Aim to get as much water in the milk container .

Staying in our spoke teams, we each tried to be the team with the most water in our plastic container.


I loved the problem solving you guys came up with by working together you made a funnel to lose as little water as possible, clever. In the end we had teams with equal places as the levels were so close. Way to go guys.

Tama-ire Japanese Bean Bag Toss

Aim-  to get all bean bags or the most in the bag in a small amount of time e.g. 45 seconds.

The games were fast and furious and eventually we played off for top points. Great team work. Congratulations.

Volleyball Activities

Mr Potter had taught all the kids a modified version of volleyball. Catch and throw to three people, then the last one gets it over the net. Everyone knew what to do, I was impressed at how quickly you sorted yourselves out into three games.

So, our class against Ms. Carmen’s. Go room 14.


Carmen and I both were amazed by the way you shared the ball around and encouraged each other to have a go. There were lots of positive comments and cheering for both groups. Great modelling of successful sportsmanship children, great to see.

70 M sprints

As our class scored using time trials standards we ran individually. That was tricky when Ms.Carmen’s class were running next to us in races. But we managed. That way we got maximum points for our team! I was so busy scoring and recording that I couldn’t take any pictures .

Hay Bale Hurdles

Aim – to race opponents to the finish line, jumping hay bale obstacles along the way.


Children ran against class mates with similar running speed to themselves. How exciting flying over those bales, we had time to go a few more races, what fun.

Long Jump or Vortex throw

By now were were getting a tad tired. We had a choice of long jump or throwing a vortex through a target. I was so busy checking the long jump for safety and points, that I was unable to take photos of these events. I was blown away by some children who managed 3 points in their jump though, that was a long way to jump indeed.

The long run

Our final event for the tabloid activities was the toughest. We separated into gender groups. We had four laps of the course to run. Phew, that was exhausting. I was impressed by the persistence of our students. After all that work you hung on and never gave up, congratulations to all of you who took up the challenge and finished even after the others were packing up and going to lunch. See our training in 12 minute run and giant relay has paid off.

Yay Lunch time


Thanks to Ruby and Hamish for bringing up our BBQ orders, mm mm the sausages and hamburgers were a tasty reward after all that effort. Some children ate theirs so quickly, there wasn’t time for crumbs to hit the table. We had time to catch up with our families before the final championship races.

Hay Bale Hurdle Relays

Back to the running track for the final races.

17 runners of our class joined the other year three students to battle it out for first place.

Congratulations, I believe the blue team came first. Throughout the day 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters were given prize ribbons such as Jack proudly models.


After the final races and a collective community tidy up of the school oval, we all assembled into Witungga Hall to hear the closing remarks from our Mr Potter,the House Captains and School Leadership Members.


There were lots of people to thank, but the crowd was anxious to hear the final scores. Mr Grant read out the scores in reverse order of course and teased us by dragging out the announcements as much as he could.

In the end the scores were…

  1. Blue with 2836
  2. Green with 2726
  3. Yellow with 2630
  4. Red with 2615

Congratulations Blue Team, I thought your Captains had a gracious speech to acknowledge and thank  everyone for the day.

I was happy that Yellow hadn’t come last this year, as we had for lots of previous times, so was Ms Henry.


She always gets in the spirit of things for Games Day.

Yet we were all winners because we had a great time together and the weather was simply marvellous. Well done everyone on another successful Games Day.


Some things to think about. Let us know. Leave a comment.

How did you feel about games day?

What was your favourite activity? Why?

What did you not enjoy? Why?

If you could include an event for next year what would it be?

September 25

Obstacle-A-Thon 2016


This busy tumbler animation shows just how busy our legs had to be today

Friday 23rd of September our school held a fund raising activity where we were challenged to work through various physical activities. There were 10 to get through. Thanks to Jack’s Mum Liz for helping out (imagine coming to school on your birthday!)

Our activities were….

  1. Inflatable Obstacle course
  2. Basketball rings
  3. Mini trampoline
  4. Hurdle run soccer weave
  5. Tennis lacrosse
  6. Lava island
  7. Cup stacking
  8. Swordfish
  9. Water bucket relay
  10. Hoops

Lucky for us the sun decided to shine merrily although it made us little warm as a result our strenuous efforts. After lunch we reflected on our session.

I liked the hula hoops because it was fun.   Mica


I really liked all of the activities, but some were a bit boring because I had to wait around. My Favourite one was the inflatable obstacle course.   Lakeisha

Mini Trampoline aim to bounce and the somersault

The first activity was the mini trampoline. Look at them fly.

I really enjoyed the bouncy castle and the soccer thing.   Ryan


I enjoyed it all but it were hard.   Tyla


I loved all of the obstacles because all of them had running and I love running. Running is awesome.   Zahra

Soccer Weave and Tennis Lacrosse

Co-ordination is trickier than it looks

I really liked the inflatable obstacle course because you could go through the hole.   Kiara


I enjoyed the inflatable one but it was sad we only got one turn.   Jack


I liked the best mini trampoline because then I got to practice my tricks. It was my favourite because then we got to do freestyle.   Jorja


Game to tag with sword under knees freeze in place, two people are freeers to release tagged

Swordfish was a challenge, it was hard not to have a duel.

I liked the noodle chasey because I like chasey and there was a reviver. I really wanted to do the running races so badly!   Riley


Pria said… It was really fun especially the inflatable course!


I think the obstaclathon was really good because all the activities were really fun, by going to all the fun activities.   Max


I thought that the obstaclathon was really great and that all the activities were great. I thought it was great because it is very active and fun.   Ruby

Cup Stacking

To stack 9 cups in three pyramids then unstack in three columns as fast as possible.

Unstacking was not as easy as stacking. The wind was a bit cheeky sometimes!

Hamish said….. I enjoyed everything because it was fun.


I liked the jumping castle it was fun because the slide was big and it was all squishy, so I fell over.   Ella


It was good because we had lots of different activities to do. But it was also warm.   Bella V


I liked the jumpy castle because you had to race someone and I didn’t know that I won the race.   Harry

Water Relay

We worked out to run slower with a full cup.

I loved it because we got to run and some got to compete in.   Nelson


I really enjoyed everything about the obstacleathon that I can not choose what one was the best.   Bella Z


I really enjoyed all the activities but sadly we didn’t do basketball rings because I’m really good at basketball.   James


Holding hands with team members and pass a hoop through without breaking hands.

We tried hopes in a small team, then two teams, then as a whole class.

I really enjoyed the bouncy castle but I was really sad when we were only allowed one round.   Finlay


Maggie said.   I liked everything because it was lots of fun. I liked it more than sports day.

Bouncy Obstacle Course

In twos challenge to be first through the course.

What fun, but it was the end we ran out of time and shared our session with Ms Georgie’s class, so sadly we had one shot, and we missed basketball shoot entirely.

I thought they were all the best and I can not decide which one was best of all. Ty


Wil thinks all of the activities were fun but he really liked the noodles and jumpy castle because I was versing my best friend and the other one I liked because it was running.


Thanks to Laura who took some photos and managed the class while I was at a 3/4teachers meeting for part of the event.

What did you think of the day?

What would you do differently?

If you could organise an “-a-thon” what theme would you like to see? What would your activities be?