December 13

End of Year Celebratory Team Lunch


Tuesday is traditionally Party Day here at Grange Primary School. A time for classes to have their end of year class parties and have a fun day. Given we are a class that works together, thinks together and acts together. This day was not going to be an ordinary class party!

Ellen actually doesn’t do “class parties”, instead this was a chance for teams to get together to organise a festive shared lunch. To be a collaborative effort it meant that there was lots of negotiating, discussing and organising. As our school doesn’t endorse red foods, the menu needed to be healthy and foods that all team members could eat. Mind you as it was also a celebration, one red food per team was permitted (choose wisely).

There was lots of decision making as they realised planning menus can be tough, some members had allergies or were fussy eaters. Now they know the dilemma parents regularly face! This was also not a time to put demands on parents to cater, food needed to be organised or made by the students too.


Being nearly Christmas, they could bring decorative utensils, write up menus, placemats and bring other festive additions. I challenged them to turn our room into a festive restaurant. They were brilliant with their division of jobs and all teams worked well together to assemble a great healthy lunch with a spectacular Christmas theme.


We had won the Golden bin award for keeping our yard area tidy the week before, so we started the day using the sports equipment for some out door fun. But it was a really hot day, so we ended up back in the cool for some of our favourite co operative games.

  • Door Keeper ( that was a new one)
  • Prisoners and Guards
  • Freeze frame
  • The Queen of Hearts is dead!
  • Countries

Oh what fun they are we were in stitches at times. Then it was time to set up. Teams were very busy working collaboratively together. Take a look.

We even asked a neighbouring teacher to judge their efforts and he found it very difficult as the creative spirit was every where. So we decided everyone was a winner today.

After a quick efficient cleanup and our lunch play we settled back to watch the BFG.

Congratulations my lovely elves you did a fabulous job working , thinking and acting together. I am proud of you the best shared lunch by far.

What did you enjoy the most about today.

What would you do differently?

If you could change the movie which one would you pick.

December 1

Were we Lost in Space?


In term three and four our science topic had to do with What creates day and night, so it made sense to also investigate other cosmic ideas. We had enormous fun investigating these science ideas. We had a go at recording what we thought happened in space, before learning new information.

To begin with, we had to get our heads around the different ways things move in space. You would think that we would know if we were spinning and moving on Earth, as we live here, but oh no!  Our eyes can play tricks on us and our brains often get tricked too. This great Crash Course Kids clip on how the Earth moves, did help us clarify a few misconceptions.


Trying to understand the differences between and remember, rotation, revolution, orbit did make our heads spin.

So next it was our turn to investigate these celestial bodies for ourselves and really see things in action.

Space is REALLY, REALLY BIG and Things in space are really big and it’s hard to get our heads to understand that. We used these relative sizes pictures to understand that size is indeed relative. That means compared to each other. Ellen is bigger than us, we are small, but compared to a baby we are giants! The Moon is big, but Earth is bigger and when we looked at the Sun, it was the biggest… or was it? Check these out.

Still, hard to get our brains to think of anything that BIG! But distance in space can affect the size of what we see too.

So getting back to the three objets we were studying Sun, Earth and Moon we checked out their sizes. We used a basketball for the Sun, tennis ball for the Moon in this activity. Using our eyes to measure and working in teams we took turns to see how far the Sun would have to be moved away, so that the Moon and the Sun appeared the same size to the observer.

Now I told them that even though we know the Sun is enormous, it is also far away and that it appeared the same size as a full Moon in the sky. Just as their basketball looked the same as the tennis ball from their activity… they weren’t convinced.

It was time to prove it to them. Luckily I had my eclipse glasses and making sure they operated within the safety rules, they each checked out just how small the Sun actually looked in the sky.. it really is no bigger than a full Moon.  Cool!  Amazing, they even saw the Sunspots.

So it is true, the Sun and the Moon appear to be the same size! Incidentally that’s why we get Solar eclipses. These are fascinating events indeed. If ever you can, be in the path of totality.


What do Shadows tell us?



Well a lot really and it turned out we already knew a lot about shadows.


Ah, so now it was time to investigate light and shadows. It was tricky to get our room dark enough, but we experimented with torches and making shadows. Some of us were exceptionally talented at shadow puppetry.

From our observations, we reconfirmed many of our scientific ideas about how light works and what created a shadow. Light does travel in a straight line and anything getting in the way of the ray of light blocked it, creating a shadow. This gave us lots of information to get us thinking of what we could investigate.

Getting back to the sun and the shadows we saw around the school, we decided to set out an investigation on how these shadows in the school changed over the day.

In our teams we planned to go out every hour on the hour and measure the length of a gnomon. ( shadow stick, much like a sundial) Each team found a sunny spot. Lined the gnomon/poster to the North with a compass and set about recording the time and length of the shadows cast by the gnomon throughout the day.

Eventually with shared team work, our boards looked a little like this.


Once we had all our recorded observations, we could look at the information closely and see if we noticed any thing interesting. This is called analysing data.

In our teams once a gain we set about analysing the information . We discussed our ideas and made our claims based on the data.

To make our observations clearer, we organised them into a table and from that, we could create a graph.


This graphic record made it easier for us read and come up with some claims and conclusions it was the proof and evidence we needed.

We claimed that:-

Shadows changed length over the day long to short then long again.

That when the Sun is low in the sky, the shadows are longer and when it is high in the sky, the shadow are shorter.

The Sun moved from East to West over the sky because the shadows moved West East.

Our Conclusions

We know that the Sun is in the Centre of the Solar System. It rotates but doesn’t move. So that meant the Sun didn’t move, it was Earth’s rotation that made it look like the Sun was moving.


So as the Sun continues to shine light and we know the Earth spins once every 24 hours. We get day when we face towards the Sun and we are in night when we are in the shadow of Earth.

But we also know that we are orbiting the Sun and as we go on our year long journey around the Sun, we take our Moon with us. That combination of rotations and orbits does get our heads dizzy thinking about it.



Understanding how all this works is tricky, but we enjoyed learning about our near celestial neighbours and working scientifically.

We also had the opportunity to give an oral presentation on a topic to do with space. We had a great variety of themes planets, rockets, space travel, famous astronauts etc. These were well researched and shared confidently for the most part.

Space Art

For a creative challenge, we could make an alien from plasticine and perhaps their pet, if they had one.

What do you think of our modelling skills?

Somethings to think about.

What did you think of this science unit?

What didn’t you like investigating?

What would you like to do more of?

What are you still puzzled about and would like to learn more about?

Would you like to work in space?

November 25

Respect, Friendship, Enjoyment, Diversity, Identity

These are the values that are at the core of what we do here at Grange Primary School. fb_img_1479645417651

Cricket Australia will be promoting the Australia Day Match soon and they will be using this picture.

The two girls proudly holding the Australian flag are Jorja and Jordan both of whom attend Grange Primary School. Jorja is a student in our class, Jordan works in our Games Day Buddy class.

Both great friends and who, in a moment of time, have captured the essence not only of what our school values, but indeed what Australia does. I think this picture speaks volumes.

Thank you Jorja for sharing this with us, now we will share it with the world.

If you could put a slogan under this picture what would you write? Let us know.

November 22

Medals, medals everywhere.

We read, read, read. and finished our title

 Mr Weatherill must be happy with Room 14 at Grange

We proved to the Premier that we are indeed Super Readers, because we successfully completed our Premier’s Reading Challenge. The year three and four classes got together today to acknowledge all our hard efforts and present the awards for completing this challenge.

First time participants received a certificate. We didn’t have any first timers. However after completing the challenge two years in a row a bronze medal is awarded.


Riley was our Bronze Medalist, doesn’t he look proud.


Finlay completed three years of the challenge and has earned his Silver Medal. Yay Finn.


However most of the class has received their Gold Medals for Four years of commitment.

Well done to – Ty, Hamish, Jack, Kiara, Tyla, Wil, Zahra, Ryan, Maggie, Jessica, Jorja, James Harry, Max, Nelson, Baylee, Lakeisha, Shayla,  Bella.V., Bella.Z., also to Ella, Mica and Pria who were absent .


We had a special Champion Reader in Ruby who has completed the Challenge five times. Way to go girl.

But that’s not all….

Our class doesn’t just take reading seriously, we also take our fitness seriously too. So when were told we could do the Premier’s

 Be fit Challenge we gave it a go.



Ty, Jessica, Jorja, Wil, Tyla, Jack, Ella, Max,Riley, Bella.V., Maggie, and Ruby all received their Bronze Medals for their first go. Whoo hoo.


Lakeisha, Zahra, Finlay, Baylee, James, and Hamish were awarded Silver Medals.  Mica and Pria will get theirs on return from their holiday. Superb effort.


Our two classroom Chipmunks (they always giggle like the Chipmunks from Bugs Bunny) became our Gold Medalists. Now that’s something to smile about .


Fabulous effort everyone. Keep up that positive attitude for next year. I am very proud of you all.

How do you feel about your efforts?

What kept you going when it was a tricky thing to do?

What would you like to say to the ones who didn’t manage to complete their challenge?

November 6

F-7 Games Day At Grange Primary 2016


We were quite excited as Games Day had finally arrived, lots of us rushed to school in our house colours.


We got ourselves organised quickly into our teams for the big day. (Sorry Green team I was a little squashed up there, I couldn’t fit you in)

Green, Yellow, Blue and Red

As we would be split into our house colours for most of the day, each group was responsible for the drink boxes and to look out for each other. We expected lots of people to visit and with over 700 students that’s a lot of people on the oval to get lost in.

We were super organised and were the first class out ready to start.


We had a great Health Hustle as a warm up before the Championship races to a tune that I had never heard before, but everyone else seemed to. I really must listen to the radio sometime!

Our weekly fitness sessions have paid off we had 13 of our classmates in the championship sprint event and 7 of our classmates in the year 3 championship baton relay. Whoo hoo.

It took a while to run all those races, but it wasn’t long before it was time for recess and then the real fun started. The Tabloid Events.

We were so organised again and ready for our first event while most people were still coming back from recess. In each event we combined with Ms. Carmen’s year 3/4 class.

Team Games

We played Rob the Nest

Aim – to be the team with the most eggs. Once the nest was empty we could steal from other teams. Running for five minutes was exhausting.

Egg and Spoon

We had time at this station to do two games so we tried egg and spoon. The aim to be first team back.

Team Relays

Tunnel Ball

Aim – to get the ball through the tunnel, race around the spoke and be the first team to finish.

Our second station needed lots of collaboration and big team work. As we had some uneven teams some people needed to go twice.

The teams did an excellent job.

Water Relay

Aim to get as much water in the milk container .

Staying in our spoke teams, we each tried to be the team with the most water in our plastic container.


I loved the problem solving you guys came up with by working together you made a funnel to lose as little water as possible, clever. In the end we had teams with equal places as the levels were so close. Way to go guys.

Tama-ire Japanese Bean Bag Toss

Aim-  to get all bean bags or the most in the bag in a small amount of time e.g. 45 seconds.

The games were fast and furious and eventually we played off for top points. Great team work. Congratulations.

Volleyball Activities

Mr Potter had taught all the kids a modified version of volleyball. Catch and throw to three people, then the last one gets it over the net. Everyone knew what to do, I was impressed at how quickly you sorted yourselves out into three games.

So, our class against Ms. Carmen’s. Go room 14.


Carmen and I both were amazed by the way you shared the ball around and encouraged each other to have a go. There were lots of positive comments and cheering for both groups. Great modelling of successful sportsmanship children, great to see.

70 M sprints

As our class scored using time trials standards we ran individually. That was tricky when Ms.Carmen’s class were running next to us in races. But we managed. That way we got maximum points for our team! I was so busy scoring and recording that I couldn’t take any pictures .

Hay Bale Hurdles

Aim – to race opponents to the finish line, jumping hay bale obstacles along the way.


Children ran against class mates with similar running speed to themselves. How exciting flying over those bales, we had time to go a few more races, what fun.

Long Jump or Vortex throw

By now were were getting a tad tired. We had a choice of long jump or throwing a vortex through a target. I was so busy checking the long jump for safety and points, that I was unable to take photos of these events. I was blown away by some children who managed 3 points in their jump though, that was a long way to jump indeed.

The long run

Our final event for the tabloid activities was the toughest. We separated into gender groups. We had four laps of the course to run. Phew, that was exhausting. I was impressed by the persistence of our students. After all that work you hung on and never gave up, congratulations to all of you who took up the challenge and finished even after the others were packing up and going to lunch. See our training in 12 minute run and giant relay has paid off.

Yay Lunch time


Thanks to Ruby and Hamish for bringing up our BBQ orders, mm mm the sausages and hamburgers were a tasty reward after all that effort. Some children ate theirs so quickly, there wasn’t time for crumbs to hit the table. We had time to catch up with our families before the final championship races.

Hay Bale Hurdle Relays

Back to the running track for the final races.

17 runners of our class joined the other year three students to battle it out for first place.

Congratulations, I believe the blue team came first. Throughout the day 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters were given prize ribbons such as Jack proudly models.


After the final races and a collective community tidy up of the school oval, we all assembled into Witungga Hall to hear the closing remarks from our Mr Potter,the House Captains and School Leadership Members.


There were lots of people to thank, but the crowd was anxious to hear the final scores. Mr Grant read out the scores in reverse order of course and teased us by dragging out the announcements as much as he could.

In the end the scores were…

  1. Blue with 2836
  2. Green with 2726
  3. Yellow with 2630
  4. Red with 2615

Congratulations Blue Team, I thought your Captains had a gracious speech to acknowledge and thank  everyone for the day.

I was happy that Yellow hadn’t come last this year, as we had for lots of previous times, so was Ms Henry.


She always gets in the spirit of things for Games Day.

Yet we were all winners because we had a great time together and the weather was simply marvellous. Well done everyone on another successful Games Day.


Some things to think about. Let us know. Leave a comment.

How did you feel about games day?

What was your favourite activity? Why?

What did you not enjoy? Why?

If you could include an event for next year what would it be?