August 23

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  1. max

    Dear Ty,
    In swimming what is your favourite thing to do?. What is your favourite stroke is it backstroke or is it front stroke or is it frog kick?. Did you know that swimming is not all about learning it is also about having fun. your swimming is really good?. Do you like water or do you not like water?. Is swimming fun or is swimming not fun for you. I like your back stroke because it is really good for a person like you.

    Regards Max

  2. max

    Konichi wa Riley,
    In swimming how are you doing?. What is your groups name?. Because ours is called oaters. At swimming you are a petty good swimmer because I’v seen you swim next to me in the pool witch is very cold would you agree. What is your favourite stroke is it backstroke,front stroke or frog kick. Remember the pool that was heated the first time
    when wee got in the pool it was really nice wasn’t. are you good at swimming or are you not that good or are you pretty good. do you like going in the water or do you prefer not going in water and just the land?.

    regards max

  3. Baylee

    Dear Tyla’
    Thank you for being my best friend and always helping me.Did you know that lots of really really good friend ships are started a lot how our friend ship is going.Do you know any facts about the sun because I want to know more interesting facts about it.
    Warm Regards Baylee

  4. Baylee

    Dear Lakeisha’
    thank you for being a great freind and letting me play with you I have notest that you are a very neat writer and I think you wil be the next one to get a pen license.Do you know anything about volcano’s because I would like to learn about volcano’s and what they are like.
    Warm regard’s Baylee

  5. Tyron

    Saw Dee Harry,
    You have really improved your maths I can tell you have because I played a maths game
    with you at maths time. Have you got your soccer lessens yet? When do you think you will get your reading test so you can go up some level then you would be on p.r.c andI am sorry about the play because you have to marry Tyla
    farewell Ty

    1. Tyron

      To Max
      I am going good how are you going with it how are you going with yours?
      I have a feeling that we are going to win the soccer game do you?

      From Tyron

  6. Bella Z

    Hi Ellen, School was fun today. Thank you for teaching me, I like being in your class. Hope you have a nice weekend. From Bella Z

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hello Bella Z,
      I’m glad you enjoyed Friday I thought we all did an excellent job on those identity paintings don’t you? I’ve read you ratings on how you reckon you are at your smarts. I thought your thinking was very thoughtful and you gave lots of examples. I too hope your weekend is enjoyable. Are you looking forward to your new team role?
      Regard Ellen


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