July 14

Where are we?

Trying to find us?


Well as we’ve just finished our space unit on local cosmic neighbours, we could start with thinking in terms of our Cosmic address. DSC07946Our classroom, Room 14,


Grange Primary School, Grange, th-5

Adelaide, th-7


Map used courtesy of freeworldmaps.net

South Australia,

th-9 Australia,

th-8Southern Hemisphere,

th-10Plant Earth of the Earth Moon System,

th-11The Solar System,

thThe Milky Way Galaxy,

th-1The local group,

th-2The Virgo Supercluster,

 th-3The Observable Universe that we know of, there may be multiple!

How long has it been since you needed to write out your full address on an envelope? Thinking of our place in space of late puts things into perspective a bit doesn’t it! Perhaps we aren’t as important in the grand scheme of things as we think we are?


34 thoughts on “Where are we?

  1. Kylie Nelson's mum

    Hi Ellen
    Wow I’m so impressed with the blog that you’ve posted and created.
    But most of all Nelson couldn’t get on quick enough to be part of it😀
    Within the 3 years of school we’ve not heard a lot that happens in school
    But this year he has found a place that he feels very important and has a lot
    Of important roles to do around class.

    He is extremely happy and excited with what will come tomorrow.
    Thank you. I’ve asked about a school day everyday and have had
    Nothing, you’ve made him feel an important team player of your
    CLASS 👏

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Kylie,
      Thank you for you kind words. Primary can be a scary time, yet it is also a time when they are starting to feel a little grown up and becoming more independent. So I’m glad Nelson is feeling that he has a part to play in our class. That means he is taking risks and having a go at new things. It is great to see them become so sophisticated.

      There is a lot to get little heads around, some days life in general does my head in, I can’t imagine what goes on in their’s. Thank you for supporting him with the Blog. I hope you both will be regular contributors. Looking forward to meeting with you and helping you understand further how we operate here.
      Cheers Ellen

  2. Steven

    Greetings Hudson
    What day are you free to go somewhere Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Then we can have a play date or we can go to a park. Ask your mum today or tomorrow. When I am old I am going to the moon probably, maybe I will go to the moon.
    Regards steven

  3. Indi

    Hello Ellen,
    I like how you set out where we live. It must of taken a really long time to create this page.I really like the blog, it is fun and creative. I think that having whole gender teams are good but sometimes the whole gender boy teams can get very noisy and they are very slow at team meetings, and some times the whole girl gender teams can get noisy, but i like the three girl teams and one boy that was a good choice or when we choose new teams we could try three boys and one girl. Do you like having whole gender teams Ellen?from indi 🙂

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Wow Indi,
      What a well thought out comment, you were obviously careful in your thinking and planning, good for you. I loved doing the page on our cosmic address, but I may redo some of the pictures because they are too small. I am glad you are accessing the blog. In a few weeks we could use your ideas on group structures to plan our final teams. I don’t really mind the composition of the teams as long as everyone keeps our goal to work, think and act together with respect. Apart from Lili do you have some students you are desperate to work with?
      Warm wishes

  4. Finn$

    wow I in our solar system we have a very big sun but if you compere it with the biggest sun our sun is about the same size as of our earth compeard to our sun. from finn 😀

  5. Charlie

    Bonjour Ellen, I liked the book week characters because all of us were dressed up except Ricardo. I also liked the assembly because lots and lots of people were dressed up for book week. I also liked how you took photos of us in a group of 3. From Charlie.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hola Charlie, What great idea to use our cultural greetings. Book week was a fun day indeed I still remember how amazing everyone looked in their fancy costumes. I thought Ricardo handled the day well given he forgot and quickly turned his school uniform into a student from a book. That was clever don’t you think? It was interesting how we were in most groups of threes, perhaps we should have kept some statistics! Do you like dressing up? I hear some children get involved in the Halloween spirit, does your family participate?
      Cheers Ellen

    1. Oscar

      G`day Angas
      I also think the wold has a big address but I think the word your looking for is universe. Because the wold is just a big sphere, the universe is every thing around the Earth! but nice try Angas.
      kind regards Oscar

    1. Oscar

      To Emilia,
      No one knows if space ever ends because people now think space goes on forever! What do you think? Do you agree with others? I thought you asked a good question.
      kind regards

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hi Steven,
      Nice of you to share our blog with Ryder. I agree our world is big and when you compare it to other objects in space we find that in the end Earth is really only a pip squeak. I guess it’s a little like you are big, but your sister is bigger and your parents bigger still, so in the end you are small. But compare yourself to an ant and you are a giant. Sizes in space does my head in!

  6. Wendy Pugsley

    Wow! What a fantastic Blog you have created Ellen and all the students in Room 14!
    I loved seeing your amazing Art work and reading about your space study and Science too!
    You have been working very hard and I’m looking forward to visiting your Blog again soon!
    Thanks for sharing it with me,
    Kind regards
    Ms Wendy xxx

      1. Oscar

        Hi Angas,
        How are you doing… But don’t you believe me aliens are real trust me on this they are real,remember the wooden hand with 20 fingers at school… Ok only everyone but Ellen,Angas and Logan read this Ok
        Kind regards Oscar and please don’t read this anyone but Logan,Angas and Ellen read this

        1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

          Greetings Oscar,
          You realise that when you post a comment, not only does the rest of the class read it, the rest of the world can if they wanted to, so again I remind you to think carefully about your commenting.

          Now I am confused do you want Angas to believe you or not. Firstly you say don’t, then you say yes. Are you trying to make Angas crazy?Perhaps read your comment carefully and edit before sending that way you can fix any mistaken ideas.

          All the best in commenting thoughtfully Oscar
          Regards Ellen

  7. steven

    I thought that we had just a street address but there is an very big address from the street to the observable universe from steven

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      I guess we don’t have to put all that information on letters but it’s good to know our place in space don’t you think. Usually street number and suburb would be enough with the country’s address. When you go out into space in years to come you’ll need to know your way home.

  8. sergio

    I really enjoy having a big address like that so people/aliens can find us from all over the observal universe.From sergio.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      …and when you become a space adventurer you’ll need to know where to come and see you old teacher and bring me back souvenirs from distant planets!


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