December 12

Let’s do Lunch, the Collaborative Way

We don’t do class parties in our room, we have shared lunches! So at this time of year, we plan a collaborative shared team lunch.

Each team had to decide on their menu for Christmas lunch. Our school has a healthy eating policy and once a year we can have a red food day. However in this case they could only have one red food in their lunch. The menu needed to be healthy choices with one sweet.

In their learning teams they needed to organise the food as well as the accessories such as plates napkins and utensils. Most wanted some kind of Christmas theme so decorations were up to them. It took real team work.

The biggest challenge was to cater only for four people. A few teams over catered!

They had plenty of time to set up, indulge in pleasant dinner conversation and clean up.

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I loved the way the worked together thought together and acted together. A real collaborative effort.


Well done everyone I was impressed. We had some very festive tables indeed.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s do Lunch, the Collaborative Way

  1. Cleo

    Dear Ellen,

    Thankyou for organising the shared lunch for us. I really enjoyed it because it is kind of like having a little catch up with all of your friends! I like that because I am a chatterbox!! I do agree with you that we kind of over loaded with our food. Oops! My courier in Year #3 has been the best all because of you!! Thankyou so much. Hope to hear back from you soon!

    Love From Cleo

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Cleo, lunch was great, I thought everything went well. True you guys over catered you’ll know better next time. What fun though. I always like shared lunches better than class parties the food is better and everyone gets something to do. I think it’s more collaborative.
      Well thank you for your kind words, but you are the one who did all that hard work. So look out year 4 Cleo is on her way ain’t nothing gonna stop this girl, she’s on fire!👍😘
      Love Ellen


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