April 2

Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs

This year Ellen was at a maths conference and missed celebrating Harmony Day at Grange. But Thankfully Mrs Tunney our relief teacher captured some of the events that our class were involved in.

Traditionally we transform the school by simply changing the colour of our clothes. The colour for Harmony Day is orange, so we could wear orange for the day. If we did, a gold coin was donated which we send to support our World Vision sponsored child.

We had an harmonious assembly where classes shared work about diversity, tolerance and inclusivity. Australia is our home and like our class, there are many nationalities that live together. Harmony then, becomes an important concept to understand and practice.

We all worked hard to write acrostic poems using the ideas from our brainstorm on how to let everyone belong. We were able to decorate and publish them before Mrs Tunney put them up on display.

Giving people compliments and acknowledging the kind and helpful things they do is an important part of showing respect. Lending someone a hand when they need it is a simple act, but very powerful.

The class was asked to trace around their hand and write a message of gratitude  when someone included, helped or supported them.

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Once decorated, they passed their messages on.

I hope you enjoyed the activities on the day. Happy Harmony Day everyone.

Somethings to think about.

What did you think about the events of Harmony Day?

What things have you done to include others?

How has someone helped you out?

Do you think we should celebrate Harmony Day? Why or why not.



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5 thoughts on “Harmony Day – Everyone Belongs

  1. Natalie

    Hi Sarah,
    How are you? I would like to ask you a few questions. Are you enjoying the rest of term 2? how are your brothers and sisters? Are Stormy and the other bunny okay? Are you up for the Spa and a sleepover in the holidays? You are a amazing friend. In the holidays if we see each other do you want to make cards for the class?
    From Dolphin (Natalie)

  2. Jett

    Gday Blake
    Hope you get better soon do you have a cough or just sick
    Hope you will be better by next week from Jett

  3. Natalie

    Dear Sarah,
    I bet you are a very organised person. I think you are a wonderful, kind, and warm hearted person. I am really happy you are someone in my class. I think you are a great friend . I hope you are well and your family? I believe you are a very organised person. I hope you are enjoying the first day in term two? I was wondering if you have a brother or sister? I am glad you are in my class. If my Dad lets me have a playdate I will be so happy. I am so excited.
    Warm wishes

  4. Phoebe

    Bonjour Ellen
    I think the Harmony Day events are great to become better friends with each other! My favourite event was doing the hands because I got nice things written to me and the people that i wrote to got nice things said to them as well. What I’ve done to include others is asking if they have anyone to play with. If they say no I say if you want you can play with me and my other friends and if they say yes they can play with me or go and play with their other friends. Someone has helped me out by helping me on my learning team and that way i feel great. We should celebrate Harmony Day because its a day where everyone gets along and can become really good friends.
    From Phoebe

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Good morning Phoebe,
      You are up blogging bright and early. I did enjoy reading your comment and I do notice how inclusive you are. In the holidays Mr Nick has been busy putting up posters around the school I wonder if anyone notices them? It is always nice when someone helps out don’t you think? Hey what did you think about the new posts? What are you looking forward to this term (other than camp!) I’m sure it will zap past it always does when we have fun. See you soon.
      Warm greetings Ellen


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