March 19

Learning the art of Chess

This term we have been fortunate to have Chess expert Alan Goldsmith from Knights & Bytes teaching us all about the game of Chess. He has been teaching Grange kids and staff the skills of how to think logically and strategically  in order to capture the opponent’s King for many years.

Alan taught us about each piece and how to move each piece. We also needed to know how much they were worth if we captured one.

While we knew the information, winning a game is about careful thinking, planning and strategy! We found out it is important to think about the opponents next possible moves. We gave it a go.


Alan taught us to read the board as if it was a map and we could move pieces according to their position. for example Q to F4.

Did you know you need to do CPR in chess? That means if you hear that your King is in Check there are three things you should do.

  • C – Capture Can you capture any piece? If you can, then do that and the King is safe, if not then…
  • – Protect Move a piece in to protect the King, if you can, then the King is safe, if not then…
  • – Run The King needs to flee to safety!

Chess is all about protecting the King.


But if you want to do some extra chess playing go to www.chesstempo.com that is a site that will teach you exciting strategies.

If you really want to get into more chess then checkout  www.knightsandbytes.com.au   Alan has a host of chess information and activities available for you to peruse.

Next term we are having a chess tournament to find the top players in year three. Will it be you?  Start practicing.

What have you learnt about Chess?

What would you still like to know?

Do you think playing chess is a useful activity? Why, Why not?

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18 thoughts on “Learning the art of Chess

  1. Margo

    Bula Muenge!
    I hope you had a good time at Camp. I was missing you a lot. I was just going to ask you what activertys you did on camp?

    From your friend Margo

  2. Pria

    Konichi wa Ellen,
    I really miss being in you’re class, I had so much fun last year and you are easily the best teacher in the school. I hope your really happy with your new class, and I also hope no one has to move their name yet!

    From Pria

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hi Pria,
      So lovely to hear from you. I do miss you too, you always gave me special feedback. I hear from mr Philbrook that he is very impress with you. I thought he would. I suppose we are are having a good year. The class is nice there are some lovely people. Of course there are some who make the wrong choices so yes some have to move their names. But did you know I am using the same system as Mr P so we can move our names up or down.

      We’re going on camp next week I reckon this place is just so much fun. It’s a pity that your class isn’t coming with us. But I think you guys are going somewhere else, because you have year fives and they had already got to Illawonga. How are you liking working with Mr P? I bet you can do. Some of the year 5 stuff eh. Are you still friends with Maggie? I hope you are enjoying this term.
      Warm regards

  3. Margo

    Bula Ellen,
    I really like morning maths. I was wondering if we can do our 10,20 and 30 times tables in morning maths. I also really enjoy morning team meeting, narrative writing and spelling.
    From your student Margo

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hi Margo
      I’m glad you like morning maths. I’d like you to Knall the tables for year three first. so when you are the king or queen of them then you can learn any you want. How’s that for a deal?
      Cheers Ellen

  4. Lachlan

    I liked chess because it was fun and it is good to vs other people I learnt lots of things.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      G’day Lachlan,
      Chess was very much fun why don’t you join the interschool championships? That way you get to practice. What did you think about the tournament?
      cheers Ellen

  5. Anonymous

    Ciao Ellen,
    i really like chess because it’s a good game and i think it must of been invented a long time ago so it looks like we learnt something new YAY! and i mostly like the characters of the game and how they move, but you got to play by the rules!it was good having a little chat.
    from Montana

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Montana,
      You are becoming an excellent blogger. I like the way you work on your thoughtful comments. Yes Chess was invented a long time ago. I thought it was in China but I could be wrong. It is a great game to think about solving problems. I think it is so challenging. While knowing how to move is one thing knowing how to move and win is really hard. I love that you don’t give up.
      Hey you did a good job at the interview. How did you feel about the three way talk?
      Warm wishes Ellen

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Scarlett i was wondering if you wanted to have a playdate or sleepover one day but if your sleeping over you will need to sleep at my house and i’m not sure this weekend cause i’m having a bit of a busy one so i’ll check with my mum to see if i’m not busy and if you can check with your mum that would be great.

    1. Muenge

      Hey what about me don’t leave me out of this business cause im a cool dude😎.
      Yay thanku im coming whoo so when is it is it a party?
      But I want to ask who is this why are you talking it
      infront of the class. But you still know im coming.
      Please don t ask me how I got an emoji🐶🐶🐶

  7. Anonymous

    Come sta Ellen
    So you asked me what I have learnt about chess well I think that chess is a wonderful game to play
    but sometimes I get a bit muddled up but I still like it.
    From Montana

  8. Anonymous

    Hello Ellen
    I love playing chess it is a fun game to play I am not very good at chess. But I love it, Scarlett

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Scarlett,
      You know the only way to get good at something is to keep practicing. So does your mum play. Perhaps you can challenge her?
      Cheers Ellen

  9. Sabitri

    Privet Cleo

    I would love an sleepover and we have finally organised one. And I really appreciate that you think I am a magnificent friend and I think you are one too. Also i think you remember your number facts very well.

    Warm Wishes Sabitri


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