November 25

Respect, Friendship, Enjoyment, Diversity, Identity

These are the values that are at the core of what we do here at Grange Primary School. fb_img_1479645417651

Cricket Australia will be promoting the Australia Day Match soon and they will be using this picture.

The two girls proudly holding the Australian flag are Jorja and Jordan both of whom attend Grange Primary School. Jorja is a student in our class, Jordan works in our Games Day Buddy class.

Both great friends and who, in a moment of time, have captured the essence not only of what our school values, but indeed what Australia does. I think this picture speaks volumes.

Thank you Jorja for sharing this with us, now we will share it with the world.

If you could put a slogan under this picture what would you write? Let us know.

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23 thoughts on “Respect, Friendship, Enjoyment, Diversity, Identity

  1. Ruby

    Hola Bella z,
    If you were you in the Australian crickets slogan would you be scared because you be on tv I know I would be scared if I was in the slogan. Also how many people do you think are in the picture I think there is 3 but I can’t really see the third person so that is a bit hard.

    From Ruby.

  2. Ruby

    Bonjour Jessica,
    It is good news that Jorja was in the slogan for the Australian cricket team. If you were going to be in the slogan would you be scared to be on the tv I know I would be scared.

    From Ruby.

  3. shayla

    Dear Bellaz ,
    don’t you think it is great that jorja is on the cricket ? I do
    Sorry about the short massage.
    Best Wishes Shayla.

  4. Kiara

    To Ella
    Congratulation Ella for getting a gold medal and a be active challenge medal and what medal did you get for The be active challenge? You are lucky that you got a medal for Active challenge because I didn’t finish it yet are you happy that you got too medals? I am happy that I got a medal at least I got a medal I am really happy for you Ella.
    Regard your best friend Kiara

  5. BELLA v

    Hey Jorja,

    OMG what a amazing time that was for you and Jordan.What sports was that again?Now we know a famous person Jorja .Other teachers will go on and will write a comment about how
    cleveand famous you are.Was your cousin there i forgot what his name is but he is in my brothers class.Does Jodan have a brother or sister ? Ho old are they ?Every one should be so happy about you or evan better exited.You know you are one of the person who always has a smile on your face and is also brave.

    Regards Isabella v

  6. Maggie

    Shalom Jorja,
    was that your favourite cricket team? That photo is cool. Who took the picture? Was it one of your parents (or whoever took you there)?
    Did you see anyone you knew (except Jordan, of course)? Did you see Ruby? She left to go to some sort of sport.
    From Maggie

  7. Jorja :)

    Hi Ruby,
    Ethan is in there he is under the flag but that is not the point. I was not asked they just got a photo from the camera.

    From Jorja 🙂

  8. Ruby

    Dear Jorja,
    Well done on being on the slogan for the Austrailan cricket team. Why were you chosen for the slogan I mean it could have been Jordan’s brother.

    From Ruby

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Poster Girl,
      Yes I suppose Girls go, go, go, Australia works. The female cricket team is on top I thought, so why not. You do rock in the picture though. Have you heard of when it will be shown. I don’t see tv so I will miss it. Keep me posted.
      Cheers Ellen

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Hamish,
    I was not on TV or got asked any thing they just got the photo from the camera and think it was a great photo because they think I am indigenous.

    from Jorja:)

    1. Hamish

      Bonjor Jorja,
      Thanks for sending the message back. Ok I just wanted to know. I also like your cloths to. Why did you need to wear those cloths anyway?

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Kiara,
      I am indeed proud of both girls in the photo. What do you think about the photo? Are you a cricket fan? Apart from kickboxing are you interested in any other sport?
      Regards Ellen

      1. Kiara

        To Ellen
        I think the photo looks cool and it looks respectful. I don’t known if I am a cricket fan. Are you a cricket fan? I used to Play at the park near my Nonnos house with my cousins. I like tennis and soccer almost every sport.
        Regards Kiara

        1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

          Hi Kiara,
          yes I must say I am a fan of cricket. I started liking it when They began playing one day international. But as Peter doesn’t follow the sport I don’t get to see much of it as he would rather do other things. I do think the photo is great too. I have never been a tennis fan no one in my family seems to be, I think cricket got in first.. so you play tennis?
          Regards Ellen

  10. Jessica

    Dear Jorja,
    The slogan I would do is go Astralia go go. Jorja why were you chose to be there? Were you interested why chose?
    From Jessica


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