November 22

Medals, medals everywhere.

We read, read, read. and finished our title

 Mr Weatherill must be happy with Room 14 at Grange

We proved to the Premier that we are indeed Super Readers, because we successfully completed our Premier’s Reading Challenge. The year three and four classes got together today to acknowledge all our hard efforts and present the awards for completing this challenge.

First time participants received a certificate. We didn’t have any first timers. However after completing the challenge two years in a row a bronze medal is awarded.


Riley was our Bronze Medalist, doesn’t he look proud.


Finlay completed three years of the challenge and has earned his Silver Medal. Yay Finn.


However most of the class has received their Gold Medals for Four years of commitment.

Well done to – Ty, Hamish, Jack, Kiara, Tyla, Wil, Zahra, Ryan, Maggie, Jessica, Jorja, James Harry, Max, Nelson, Baylee, Lakeisha, Shayla,  Bella.V., Bella.Z., also to Ella, Mica and Pria who were absent .


We had a special Champion Reader in Ruby who has completed the Challenge five times. Way to go girl.

But that’s not all….

Our class doesn’t just take reading seriously, we also take our fitness seriously too. So when were told we could do the Premier’s

 Be fit Challenge we gave it a go.



Ty, Jessica, Jorja, Wil, Tyla, Jack, Ella, Max,Riley, Bella.V., Maggie, and Ruby all received their Bronze Medals for their first go. Whoo hoo.


Lakeisha, Zahra, Finlay, Baylee, James, and Hamish were awarded Silver Medals.  Mica and Pria will get theirs on return from their holiday. Superb effort.


Our two classroom Chipmunks (they always giggle like the Chipmunks from Bugs Bunny) became our Gold Medalists. Now that’s something to smile about .


Fabulous effort everyone. Keep up that positive attitude for next year. I am very proud of you all.

How do you feel about your efforts?

What kept you going when it was a tricky thing to do?

What would you like to say to the ones who didn’t manage to complete their challenge?

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27 thoughts on “Medals, medals everywhere.

  1. Pria and Mica

    When we were on holiday, we were thinking about our challenges we participated in when our medals would be handed out, whether it was during our cruise or after. which day was it on while we were away?

  2. Max

    Dear Riley,
    Congratulations for getting Medals at school. Are you proud getting those medals?. How did you get those medals?. What type of books did you read to get those medals?. Because I’m really proud I’ve got them on dis play at home. You are a really good reader. What type of books do you read out of novels or picture books?.

    Regards Max

  3. shayla

    G day Bellaz
    It was great that we were th gold medalists and the class chickmunks it is funny.
    Best wishes Shayla -chickmunk-

  4. Hamish

    Gday Class mates,
    I was wondering if you had a great time in the Premier’s be active challenge and Premier’s reading challenge? Are you guys fit and reading well because I am. By guys and remember to do those things. Ok. ☺

  5. Anonymous

    Hi this is to everyone that is in the class,
    Hi we all look fabulous in our medals good job class I have a question to ask you something how do you feel about yourself in this, I feel very proud of myself.what do you think you can do better next year to be better than this year.

    By Jorja😃

  6. Ruby

    G’day Jorja,Jessica and Tyla,
    The premiers be active challenge is a bit like Pe because you are being active. Do you like doing all of the fitness and how long before you get puffed out I get puffed out in about 3 minutes. When I start to do everything I go slow and then I at the end of the race I run as fast as I can.

    From Ruby

    1. Jessica

      Dear Ruby,
      Your comment was interesting because how you did to be active show how to do 12 minute run. What activities did you for the active challenge?

      From Jessica

  7. Max

    Dear Ty,
    Congratulation Ty I’m happy for you. Are you happy that you got your medals?. Do you like reading? Because I love reading because I get to sit on the couch or the bean bag. Do you like reading novals?.

  8. Ella

    Dear Ellen this year you have been a excellent teacher
    You make our class the best.Tomorrow will be a great day
    From Ella.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Hello Ella,
      Thank you for your kind words. We do have a lot of fun and we do work hard too. What part of the week do you enjoy the most? I think seeing you all help each other is fabulous, it shows just how independent you can be. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.
      Kind regards

  9. Ruby

    Hola Bella z,
    Congraluctions on the gold medal in the premiers reading challenge and the premiers be active challenge. What did you like getting the best the premiers reading challenge or the premiers be active challenge. The one that I liked getting the most was my champion premiers reading challenge.

  10. BellaZ

    Shalong Ellen
    Do you think it was great how me and Shayla got the same meadles? I do.Have you ever got a meadle? And what was it for? Looking fouwid to seeing you From BellaZ.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      G’day Bella,
      Actually I was surprised that you both had achieved that level I didn’t know that the year ones were entering years ago. Now of course you’ll have to make sure your next years teacher will let you join in. No I have never won a medal for anything. I have no idea when the awards will be announced, last year it was close to the end of the term. We will have to keep our eyes open.
      Best wishes Ellen

    2. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      G’day Bella,
      I was indeed surprised that you both had completed so many challenges. Way to go girls, you need to make sur your next years teacher will let you compete again. no sadly I have never won a medal for anything. I did win an award for being an excellent teacher a few years ago, that was it. I to will catch you tomorrow.
      Cheers Ellen

  11. BellaZ

    To Shayla
    Did you like the meadles?I did it was funny that we both got the same meadles looking fouwid to seeing you From BellaZ.

  12. shayla

    Hola Ellen,
    Its a miracle that me and bella got the gold medals for the active challenge that was fun for me and bella. Did you enjoy giving the medals out ? The photos on the blog were great. Do you think we are going to win the best blog ? I think we are going to.
    Best wishes Shayla

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Shayla,
      I’m not sure it was a miracle instead it was hard work on your part don’t you think? I did indeed enjoy handing out the medals to you all. I was very proud of your efforts. I think you showed the other classes just what you can do well in reading and in fitness. I do not know when they will start the awards for best blogs but I think we could try. It takes lots of work from all our families and friends. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to check.
      Warm wishes Ellen

  13. Anonymous

    To Shayla
    It was Verry fun getting meadles did you like getting them? I also really liked the be active meadles did you? That was really funny that we both were the only ones in the class that got the blue meadle looking fouwid to seeing you from Bella.

  14. Hamish

    Hey Chipmunks,
    Good job on getting gold medals for the Be Active challenge.
    I am looking forward to achieving this next year. I wonder if you two will do the Premiers Be Active challenge next year. I hope you complete it if you do.
    From Hamish

    1. Bella z

      Hola Hamish,
      Thanks for that moment and I hope that too but I also hope that one day that you can get a medley like me and shayla did do you hope that? have a great day from BellaZ

  15. Jessica

    Dear Tyla,
    I how you personally finsh your reading. How did you finsh your reading to get a medal? What type of books dib you read? What month did you finsh it?

    From Jessica

  16. Maggie

    Shalom Ellen,
    I think you are a very good reader. On a scale of one to ten how much do you like reading?I like it very, very, very much. Those medals we got were so cool.
    From Maggie

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Maggie,
      You have been busy in your sick bed. We saw you were also on story bird today. Well I reckon I rate reading a ten. Thanks for your kind feedback about my reading I d love reading out loud but they have to be good books. I think the ones we chose this year are. The medals are a great idea. I would have loved some when I was beginning , oh well I can look at yours. Hope you are feeling better and we see you soon. You have had an awful time of late. Warm wishes Ellen


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