May 25

Understanding the mystery of Linear Measurement

We had a go at sharing what we thought we knew about measurement.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.43.17 AM

As you can see from our concept map, we already know a lot about measurement. In our teams we tried to sort this data out into similar concepts.

IMG_0411 IMG_0412 IMG_0413 IMG_0414 IMG_0416 IMG_0417IMG_0415

Isn’t it interesting how we all came up with a different way of organising information.

Which posters work well?     What would you change?

Over the past couple of weeks our Preservice teacher, Senija, has been teaching us maths skills and concepts to do with linear measurement.


Linear measurement is where we find out the length or distance of straight lines.

Senija reminded us of the units we could use.

millimetres mm

centimetres cm

metre m

kilometre km

We began by investigating metre distances. First Senija gave us some ribbon and our first job was to measure and cut it into 1 metre lengths.

Once we had our one metre ribbon Senija gave us some challenges. With our partners we tried to :-

jump a metre with and without a run up

stretching to do the splits

experimenting with the length of our body parts

that was fun…IMG_0349 IMG_0344 IMG_0347 IMG_0353

Metre measurement was okay for long distances, but what if we needed to know how long a smaller object was?

Next Senija gave us some interesting activities to practice measuring with centimetres.

Senija reminded us all to begin measuring at the 0. Some rulers have a dead end and we needed to be mindful of lining up the start correctly.

We found objects around the class that were smaller than our ruler.


We were getting really good at using and reading measuring tools such as rulers and tape measures. Of course we kept recording carefully as well.

Continuing to work with our partners we were challenged to find the lengths of parts of our bodies. Now which tool would be useful….mm?

Senija introduced us to the maths term Perimeter The distance around  the outside of a shape.


P = 9 cm + 12 cm + 7 cm

P = 28 cm


It was interesting to see all the different strategies our classmates used to calculate the perimeter.

Some saw that they could double numbers

10 cm doubled is 20 cm, double 20 cm is 40 cm so P=40 cm

Others added

10 cm+10 cm+10 cm+10 cm= 40 cm P=40 cm

or  we saw that you could use multiplication

4×10 cm=40 cm so P=4o cm

Clearly in Maths there is always more than one way to find a solution and it was great to see the different strategies.

It’s always great to be able to try to use new skills, so when Senija asked us to have a go at finding the perimeter of different shapes we didn’t give up, we had a go.

Senija went on to teach us about mass next…. that’s another story.

What part of these activities did you find challenging?

When have you needed to measure something? Why? How did you do it?

What are you looking forward to in learning about other measurements?


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34 thoughts on “Understanding the mystery of Linear Measurement

  1. Bella z

    Hi Ruby
    I read your comment you are very good at the splits my favrot activity was the chocolate balls
    because we never chorally cook real food and they were really yummy we should be on the same
    learning team again do you think we should be on the same team next time? I will see you tomorrow.

  2. james

    Hola Riley,
    You are really good at getting answers pretty quickly .No I don’t but I still get tested every now and then and I really appreciate it when they do .the highest times table is 50 times tables .To improve you could ask to get tested more often .What is your favourite times table ?What is z+z
    Regards James

  3. Riley

    bonjour James,
    A compliment about you is you are really good at your times tables and your measuring is really good but what I like about you the most is your addition. I got tort by my mum and dad and my grandpa and they really helped me with maths and I rewarded them because they really helped me and so many people help me and I follow them and I appreciate what they do to help me and I have some books at home that help me and when we do maths I do not youse the books we get or the times table chart even if they are really hard but I fink I can make them wright answer and I am really good at problem solving but the hard ones are the hardest but my mum and dad could help me if they are home ones. I just can ask my parents for help if I need it I just can ask for help but if we have to do ones at school and that would take longer then at home but at home they only help me a little bit. But I really like doing it at home because then I can go in my study because it is really comfy place to be and that is my only place to study hard and that is where I go to be in peace.Do you spend lots of time studying in maths and numeracy? what is your highest times table?


  4. zahra

    Dear Senija
    I really like the activity we did on the oval about maths it was fun because I like all the thing we did on the sheet and all of them where mesurent and I like mesurent.

    1. Senija

      Thanks Zahra! I enjoyed teaching you, it was fun that day and everyone was getting involved. Cheers Senija

  5. Jasmine

    Dear Zahra,
    Thank you for being a good friend because you play on the playing with me because you ur a good .

  6. bella z

    Greeting Ruby,
    It was fun being partners in measuring and also for doing the splits.We work really well to gather.
    We should be partners your often .

    1. Ruby

      Dear Bella z,
      Thank you for that comment, What did you like the most when Senija was at the school, I liked when we made the chocolate balls the the class room. What did you like the most when we were on the same learning team, mine was when we helped out the class when I had a bounce pass on in health and we had to think of a town name and you came up with bounce town and that helped out the team out the learning team a lot.

      farewell from Ruby.

  7. wil

    Hey mate/Nelson
    Why do you have your pencil in your mouth ?ha,ha and I know you will say you don’t
    from your mate Wil.

  8. james

    Hola Wil,
    Did you enjoy working with the ribbons because I did? Do you think you are good at using kilos and grams?
    Regards James

  9. Pria

    Dear Ellen,
    I hope you have a great day. It was really fun when we went outside to do the meter activity with you and Senija. I did not know I could do do the splits to a meter.
    From Pria.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      G’day Pria, I’m glad you’re feeling better, we missed you at school yesterday. I agree it was fun to go outside and do some measuring maths. I’m sure you surprise yourself with a lot of things. See you just don’t know what you can do until you do it. Even taking quizzes!
      Regards Ellen

    1. max

      To Tyron
      Im going good with my measuring.Did you know that it is a kilometre to my house to the school?.

  10. BELLA v

    Hola Ellen,
    How are you?With maths we have been learning wiht Senija measurement.We have learnt so far that you have to put language at the end of numbers.But you only do it when you do measurement.

    Warm regards from Bella v

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Bella,
      If you can remember that you’ll always be in controlAs long as you use the correct units for the type of measuring you are doing. Which ones are a challenge for you? What part are you enjoying most?
      Regards Ellen

  11. shayla

    G’day Jessica ,
    Did you have a great time doing the splits in measuring ? I thought it was fun doing the splits . How many rulers or tape did you use for the measuring with the ribbon in class? My learning team used a tape for the ribbon . From Shayla

  12. Riley

    Comment cv’a James
    How are you doing in your numeracy and measurement? I know you are good at maths because in maths you’re trying your best. Have you learned you ten times tables yet. Because I already know mine. I know lots of maths because Ellen taught me, so did my Mum and Dad. My goal is to learn my 20 times tables,50,150 and 60.
    Farewell Riley

    1. james

      Bonjour Riley,
      You are doing well in your times tables. Yes I know my ten times tables because I new them since I started school. I want to learn really long multiplication because I know my times tables all ready. Your not quite as quick as me yet but your still pretty quick. To help you with your times tables you could just test your mum and dad because you would learn from them.
      yours truly James.

  13. Jessica

    G’day Ellen,
    The best post I saw was learning team 7. But they put great stuff because they explain all their stuff. Ellen want are we learning

    term? Because you make every thing is hard.

    From Jessica

  14. max

    Dear Tyron
    How are you Ty?.How good are you with your measuring ?.What is your favourite thing to do in maths?

  15. JORJA

    Dear Ellen and Senija. I think that the measuring task was so so fun and
    the picture of me in the splits because I think it was very educational.
    I also have loved what you have taught me.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Howdy Jorja,
      We are fortunate that Senija gets to spend time with us this term and I think she has lots of interesting ways to help us with our learning. That always makes learning fun. I was amazed when I saw you sitting in that position so I couldn’t resist taking a photo. You are so flexible. I reckon you should do ballet or gym or something that keeps you flexible because when you get to be a hundred like me your legs won’t move anywhere at all! Oh and I have some handwriting practice sheets for you.
      Warm regards

  16. finlay

    Hodz vodz Ellen,
    How are you I am doing well.When I tried to do the splits I wasn’t very good, because I heard a crack and it hurt, so I told my partner to do it and she easily did it.I was surprised.Can you do the splits.

    Warm regards Fin

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings Fin,
      I am doing okay lad. Ouch I bet trying the splits did hurt, I didn’t even try because my body has as much flexibility in it as a piece of chalk… it won’t bend easily. I admire anyone who can do the splits indeed.No wonder you were surprised. However you can do other things that others struggle with so we all do amazing things don’t you think? How’s that shoulder going?
      Sincerely Yours

      1. finlay

        Hi Ellen,
        my shoulder is much better.
        If your body is as flexible s a chalk how can you skip so well?

        Bye Finlay.

        1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

          Kako Si Finlay,
          I think you know by now that I might have the odd exaggeration at times. Not quite the same as Mrs Jones in Amelia Bedelia, but I’m guess you can tell I don’t quite have the flexibility of someone as young as yourself. Actually you do not need to be that flexible to skip fast. I suppose my fitness isn’t bad for being 120 years old but I certainly can’t bend as you all can! I do regret not doing lots of fitness as a younger person. However I won’t let age stop me now. Good to know you are feeling better. Now to go for a personal best eh.
          Regards Ellen

          1. finlay

            Hi Ellen,
            I don’t think you are 120 years old because you don’t look that old. I would of thought you did lots of exercise when you were a child. What do you think I can do to beat my personal best when I pump my arms as fast as I can and move my leg as fast as a mad puppy. Talking about mad puppies my new puppy is even madder than a mad puppy. This morning I was getting dressed Rufus [our puppy] stole my underwear and chewed them and now I have a hole in them! 🙁

            Yours truly Finlay

          2. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

            G’day Finlay,
            Sorry to hear about your underwear, that is unfortunate, but look on the bright side, on hot days you have built in air-conditioning! Did I do exercise when I was a child… absolutely not, and do you know I was always embarrassed that I couldn’t run fast, so I didn’t. Which I now know was the absolute wrong thing to do. I gave up. As I thought I would never be as fast as they were I would never be good at sport like all the other kids so I just never tried. In the end I was never picked to play sport or be on anyone’s team and I was never included in people’s games. I never learnt the sport skills. I never gave myself the chance. The sad thing is now I realise how important it is to be fit and healthy.

            Now I go to boot camp and run and jump and do all the things I should have done when I was little. I sometimes regret my silly choices, but I can’t go back in time, I can work in this time, so I now give it a go and try to be awesome.

            I can tell you one of the hardest things I’ve done is to finish the Heysen trail. That’s 1,200 km of walking. I went with some very young, fit and strong men who were always way ahead of me. Sometimes they’d wait for me at the top of mountains, but when I caught up, they’d move on, so I never got a chance to rest. Still I never gave up. I realise it doesn’t matter where you are in a group, as long as you try hard and do your best. If you’re having a go you’re winning.

            So yes Fin, keep pumping those legs and arms and giving it your best. As long as you do you’re on top of you that’s what counts.

            Viva the 12 minute run
            You go lad
            Regards Ellen your 120 year old teacher

    1. Senija

      Hi Ella,
      I’m glad your enjoying learning about measurement! It was a nice outdoor activity to do…wait till you see what I have in store for our last maths class tomorrow!!!
      Cheers Senija

      1. harry

        Dear Bella z thank you for being nice to me in are reading groups and thanks for helping me with words in are reading group thanks for making me laugh at lunch and recess like that time when me and Ty were chasing you I am sorry for some times being rude to you.

        from Harry


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