April 6

Chess with Alan


This term we have been fortunate to have Chess expert Alan Goldsmith from Knights & Bytes teaching us all about the game of Chess. He has been teaching Grange kids and staff the skills of how to think logically and strategically  in order to capture the opponents King for many years.


We have had to learn how to set up the board, always making sure we place the correct Queen on her colour.IMG_0152

Alan taught us about each piece and how to move each piece. We also needed to know how much they were worth if we captured one.IMG_0240While we knew the information, winning a game is about careful thinking, planning and strategy! We found out it is important to think about the opponents next possible moves. We gave it a go.

Alan taught us to read the board as if it was a map and we could move pieces according to their position. for example Q to F4.


Did you know you need to do CPR in chess? That means if you hear that your King is in Check there are three things you should do.

  • CCapture Can you capture any piece? If you can, then do that and the King is safe, if not then…
  • P – Protect Move a piece in to protect the King, if you can, then the King is safe, if not then…
  • R – Run The King needs to flee to safety!

Chess is all about protecting the King.

Later this term Alan will put our class on chess kids.com

But if you want to do some extra chess playing go to www.chesstempo.com that is a site that will teach you exciting strategies.

gmlogo If you really want to get into more chess then checkout  www.knightsandbytes.com.au   Alan has a host of chess information and activities available for you to peruse.

Next term we are having a chess tournament to find the top players in year three. Will it be you?  Start practicing.

What have you learnt about Chess?

What would you still like to know?

Do you think playing chess is a useful activity? Why, Why not?


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11 thoughts on “Chess with Alan

  1. Kiara

    Hello Ellen
    I love the music with Diana it is so awesome and I also like the measurement poster that was a good idea was it your idea? Because I really like how you put it on the blog and lots of people did a good job and good job of taking the photo. from Kiara

  2. Tyron

    G’day Harry
    I think you are really good at chess. Next can you play chess with me.
    Are you going to go to chess lessen’s.

  3. Maggie

    Labadiana Ellen
    what I have learned about chess is a pawn can only move one space when attacking diagonally,
    a king can only move one space,a queen can move as far as she likes and chess is really fun!
    I hope you enjoy it too!
    sianara [Japanese for good bye] Maggie.

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Wie Gehts Maggie,
      You have clearly not only learnt moves but are also thinking about strategies too. Good for you.I enjoy how you all learn so quickly and are enthusiastic about the game. Chess is fun and very challenging. It does make you plan ahead lots. Who plays with you at home? Are thinking of joining the chess club?
      Sincerely yours Ellen

  4. shayla

    Bonjour Ellen
    I do not find word processing challenging at all but to find the right keys is hard . My mum suggested to learn touch typing warm regards Shayla

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Greetings oh Queen of all Bloggers,
      wow Shayla Your typing skills are getting a real workout. I hope others take up the challenge and join in the conversation. If you go to links for learning there are some typing programs I have connected Some of my kids last year used them Ne became a lot faster. Give it a go or perhaps you know of another program we could use. Happy typing.
      Cheers Ellen

  5. shayla

    Ola Ellen
    I like harmony day and with the poem that we wrote on the computer today I think it was a great idea to have a picture on it was it your idea ? Ciao Shayla

    1. elleneisenkolb15 (Post author)

      Marharba Shayla,
      My word you have been a busy bloggers today, I’m impressed. Special days like Harmony Day are always fun don’t you think. Although I reckon we need to think about respecting diversity all the time it’s good to have a special reminder day too. Acrostic poetry has been around for a long time I remember writing them when I was in school so that isn’t my idea. I did need to know what your word processing skills are like so it made sense for you to present something significant. I also thought it would be a good idea to show your understanding of Harmony day, so I combine the two ideas. You managed the task well. Are there any word processing skills you find challenging?
      Warm regards Ellen


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