September 20


DSC08556We are proud of our four students who put their Space Board Game into The Sir Mark Oliphant Science awards. Last Thursday night they attended an awards night at Grange School and were presented with a certificate and a fabulous medal for their participation. Congratulations for your efforts Emilia, Kate, Tia and Alicia, you look so proud. Science needs enterprising thinkers like you.

The board games are now on their way home I hope you all enjoy playing them with your families.

What do your families think of playing your games?

Were they able to answer any of your questions?

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3 thoughts on “Congratulations

  1. Tia

    hi, I felt very proud getting my medal and certificate because there were lots of people there. I also liked how the medals were really detailed and had lots of things to do with since on them.


  2. Kate

    Hello Ellen,
    I really liked every ones board game. My family loved my board game! Did anyone think it was hard to make a board game?

    From Kate.


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